Arma 3 Epoch desappeared vehicules and items probs

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    • Arma 3 Epoch desappeared vehicules and items probs


      I like your server. It's really hard. It is even more boring with zombies and missions.

      But I have a big problem with the disappearance of the vehicles and objects in the shelves.
      I'm not talking about vehicles that disparraissent after reboots, but the disappearance of vehicles and helicopters that my friends and I were using for days and weeks.

      In addition, all the things I had stored in the shelves have also disappeared ...

      There must be something wrong with your script purge

      Please see how to adjust it because it becomes discouraging and it does not really want to play. It's too bad...

      Thank you to resolve the problem.

    • Hey Krymaster,
      despawning vehicles seems to be a general problem of epoch, don´t know how to fix it at the moment. Disapearing items in shelfs first time i hear from. Remember that shelfs can´t be maintained on the jammer, you have to put in/out items to keep them active but i never heared just some items disapear from shelfs, normaly if you don´t frehsh up your shelfs the whole shelf will despawn.

      Is it possible some players raid your base?
    • Hi Joker,

      Yes, there is a possibility for vehicles, because I have not had time to build a wall around the base and the vehicles were parked outside, but we're talking about 2 taru logistic, 1 hellcat, 1 M-900 white and red and 1 blue offroad. And this is not the first time it happens. We have already lost one orca and 1
      hummingbird. It really makes a lot, do not you think ? and not in the same place.
      For the shelves it's possible too, because they probably destroyed the wall in the front of the house. it's a possibility...

      I asked the other players yesterday, if they had the same problem, two of them said they had not this kind of problem, so I'm really lost.
      I do not know what to think anymore... especially now we have nothing again... always restart when you loose everything all the time, it very discouraging...

      If you have the possibility to verify if it's a base raid, all this happens during the night of the 2015-09-04 to 2015-09-05.

      My friend just ask me now, via mumble that he found the same configuration of vehicules sold in the centers traders, very strange ??...
      If you have the possibility to buy (we don't, we're all in -6000 krypto) the M-900 and if it's white and red color, it's our M-900 and that's confirmed our intuition. Very bad, if it's true ! And that's meaning that they are thieves on the server...

      Please, do something
    • Kyrmaster wrote:

      If it always a base raid, the solution must be to have vehicule locked during a day or 2, not 6h, it's to short, don't you think so ?
      I can set the lock time to everything i want, after restart the vehicles always can be unlocked by everyone, thats Epoch!
      • Server restart every 6 hours ==> 6 hours lock time

      Krymaster wrote:

      Everything deseappeared !
      All items on shelves and in LOCKBOX !!
      There is really a problem !!!
      I´m very busy this week so i wasn´t online by myself but i don´t get related feedback by other players. Sometimes items or vehicles disappear but they will be back after next server restart, don´t know why at the moment seems to be a general epoch/redis bug.

      We are working on the background on a new Arma3 - Exile server, a Epoch related mod but much better.
    • [GFT]=Joker= wrote:

      I was on the Epoch server right now and i take a look into your base, there are a lot of shelfs full of items, 4 helis, 7 vehicles and many lock boxes with items inside. Where is the problem???
      o_O ????
      Are we talking about the same base ?
      My base is at 115 147 and i just reconnect already and everything deseappeared. i confirme.
      Nevermind. If u're walking on Exile serveur it's a very good new.
      We're playing at one with friends and it's really cool.
      We're playing on one which used ryan's zombies and demons, named : "DER RENTNER TREFF". Very cool, but too easy !!! If u want to take a lot, i will be really instructive ;)
      Tell me when you're serveur will be ready, ok ?
      cu soon so