America´s Army - Proving Grounds

[GFT] German Fun Team (BDX) -NO SNIPER!

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[GFT] German Fun Team (FLO) -NO SNIPER!

Map Rotation
  • Inner Hospital - VIP
  • Downtown -EX
  • Watchdog - AC

Anticheat Streaming...
  1. german or english only!
  2. be respectful to everyone!
  3. this is an adult game, keep off annoying language!
  4. camping is a tactic, but don´t forget your team and the objectives!
  5. we kick randomly without warning to get slots for members/friends!
  6. Sniper (M24) is NOT allowed on this server!
  7. suspect players may be kicked preventively, they will be checked carefully later!
  8. bugusing/glitching will result in a kick/ban - without any warning!
  9. everyone is a medic, DO YOUR JOB!
  10. don´t start discussions about admin orders/decisions! ...we pay, we play!
  11. you don´t agree with our rules? search for another server!
  12. any important question or issue left? visit us on our forum or ts...