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  • Game Update Notes (21 SEP 2017)

    This update is chock-full of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and content. We are adding two AA2 favorites that have been lovingly updated by our art team for AA:PG. Our community weapon skins are all ready to go and can be used right away! Several maps have received performance improvements. We have created some new options with flashbangs. The tinnitus sound they produce can be uncomfortable to some users, so there are options to make that better while keeping it fair. There are a few weapon balance changes and fixes as well.

    New Maps
    Two favorites from AA2 have returned! Each is a faithful recreation with the same layout and gameplay as the originals with updated visuals.


    Insurgent Camp

    Weapon Skins

    User-made weapon skins are now available for use. They are free and open to everyone – no unlocks required!
    • Black & Grey by Root-Access
      Available on the M4
    • Magma by –VI-troub!E
      Available on M4
    • Woodland Hex by [ENG]Uni-Sol
      Available on all weapons
    • Worn Desert by [-n00b-]Bones
      Available on M4
    • Screamin’ Eagle by Keebler750
      Available on M4
    • Desert Hex by [ENG]Uni-Sol
      Available on M249
    • Big Game Hunter by Smurffy
      Available on M24
    • Stainless Steel by Smurffy
      Available on M9
    • Nickel by [-n00b-]Bones
      Available on M1911
    • Redline & Homestead performance improved in numerous areas
    • Fixed issues with geometry getting culled out incorrectly on Redline
    • Cleaned up collision in Checkout where players could reach unintended areas
    • Weapons no longer shoot through trees on Raptus
    • Fixed a spot where players could see through geometry on Rusneyev
    • Fixed a rock on Stone Ruins players could hide within
    • Door functionality improved – hold the “use” key to quietly close or open a door
    • Doors now block flash effects and grenade damage
    • May now revive and secure players who die within the dreaded elevator on Redline
    • Fixed an unintended sightline on Springstreet
    • Fixed areas where the player would clip into sandbags on Homestead
    • Added a blocking volume to an area of Overload where players could clip into pipe work
    • Players may now pickup objectives by running over them if desired; this is enabled from the Settings menu
    • The minimap updates across several frames now, resulting in a performance increase
    • Main menu buttons more centered with smoother animations
    • Spectator hint text now supports gamepads
    • Hint text now supports multiple lines where needed
    • Orange added as a selectable color for scopes, crosshairs and nameplates
    • Function keys may now be bound in the Settings menu
    • Deploy menu, Team Select, Enhanced Spectator, Bug Report and Report Player bindings added to the Settings menu
    • VOIP indicators no longer appear in single player
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the color selection for nameplates would not stick
    • The overhead map now properly shows enemy fire locations in the same manner as the minimap
    • Mouse scroll zoom on the MySoldier menu works as expected now
    • Fixed issue where the vote text would not update properly when multiple votes are called in the same round
    Flash Bang Audio Settings

    There is a new setting in the audio settings menu labeled "DISABLE TINNITUS SOUND. It is intended to be used by those that find the tinnitus sound from flashbangs uncomfortable. The normal audio effect of flashbang grenade is a tinnitus sound that plays over other sounds but still allows the player to hear other sounds. This setting, when used, replaces the tinnitus effect with a reduction of volume to 10% of the current setting, restoring to normal over the same time the tinnitus effect would have faded. The in-game effect is to deafen the player for a short time

    • M16 damage increased slightly
    • M1911 deals slightly more damage has faster sight-up time and is more accurate
    • M16 and M1911 damage drop off over range reduced slightly (will deal a bit more damage further out)
    • Shotguns a bit more effective over range
    • Pistols do not create suppression (added unintentionally at some point)
    • Fixed several long-standing cosmetic animation issues with the M14
    • Burst fire audio now properly handles bursts of less than three rounds or an interrupted burst
    • Players will now see their own tracers when simulated munitions is enabled
    • Option to pick-up an objective via run over added to the Options menu
    • When an objective is brought out of bounds it will instantly drop at the border volume
    • The server option to remove character shadows once again works as intended
    • Custom map makers can now enable NVGs on a per team basis
    • Spectators can now see progress reticles when the player spectating interacts with an activate or destroy objective
    • Depth of field limited when using NVGs to avoid overly blurry reticles
    • All magnification scopes no longer use a depth of field effect; this removes the blurry reticle issue on many scopes
    • Flashbangs now properly impact players who are in the process of being revived when flashed
    • Fixed issue where stamina would not regenerate at the desired rate following a jump
    • Fixed an issue where a player’s stamina could become out of sync with the server
    • Top Performers properly lists players who have exited the game
    • Weapon swap while reviving or bandaging is now prevented
    • Fix for rare case where a player could get two frag grenades
    • Fix for takedown animation not properly freezing the victim in place
    • Fixed an exploit where some player names could not be kicked
    • Fixed a problem where the last played map was not displayed properly on the map vote
    • Deleted unused textures to reduce the download size by a few hundred megs
    • Carried objectives can no longer be picked up after a round ends
    • Fix for door sounds not always properly replicating
    • Players no longer able to mute themselves
    • Credits updated with development babies and more
    • Fixed issue where the spotting scope could be lost when changing loadouts in single player
    • Fixed exploit where adjusting shader quality would result in loss of ambient audio
    • Fixed an issue where a server with autobalance off could get into an infinite loop if the VIP left during the warmup phase
    • Players who use the “Withdraw” option before the round begins will no longer be considered for VIP selection
    • Fixed an issue with the prone bandaging animation where players could be seen to pop into standing for a single frame
    • Fixed issue where if the VIP changed teams they would be highlighted improperly on the scoreboard
    • The bomb no longer falls through objective meshes if dropped on one
    • ESC and ENTER may no longer be rebound via the settings menu
    • Fixed for Coldfront maps not appearing in the map list for the Host a Server tool
    • Spectators can now see objective progress for activate and destroy objectives
    • Ported the game to PS4 – out now!

  • Das sind ganz schlechte Nachrichten für alle ehrlichen Spieler...

    PBBans wrote:

    PBBans has been online for almost 14 years and over that time we have undergone many changes and overcome many obstacles. From DDoS attacks to hosting changes, we have managed to come out on top providing a welcomed anti-cheat community for Punk Buster enabled games.
    However, given our continued shortfall of donations, lack of new games with Punk Buster and games moving away from server rentals we feel our only viable option is to shut down in the next few months.

    We looked at moving to a cheaper host but in the end, it’s not worth the time and hassle just to stay online for a few extra months. Our server count is dropping by the day and donations too. Moving is always a pain and we end up losing streaming servers that never seem to get setup again.

    The last new game with Punk Buster was Battlefield Hardline release in March 2015 and the last listed Punk Buster update was June 2015. More games are movi ng towards in house anti-cheat or using newer 3rd party solutions such as FairFight and BattlEye. Many argue the effectiveness of each but in the end, it’s what the new games are using.

    So, what happens after we close? We plan to host a basic site with the last banlists for download, PB files of legacy games and a farewell message of our closure. Emails will still work but the rest of the website and streaming will no longer exist at that point.

    It’s sad for us as we have all made PBBans into a good community to fight cheaters and it was a very hard decision to close but asking for donations time and time again has lost its appeal.

    Thank you all for the many years of support. You will be missed.

  • Release: 15.03.2017
    Größe: 715 MB

    • Skills & Perks Re-specialisation
      You can now reset your spent skills and perk points to better customize your character. Choosing the right skills and perks is vital for every hunter, so there is a cost attached to resetting your points. We hope you like the addition of this feature and are looking forward to your feedback.
    • Exit to Main Menu
      Our intention was to bring an “Exit to Main Menu” option to the game with today’s patch but it is unfortunately not ready yet. We are aware that this feature is requested, we just need a bit more time to guarantee that it works flawlessly.
    • Freezes, Clues and Stability
      We optimized the clue system to improve performance, as well as eliminate disappearing clues and crashes. Work will continue in this area, so please let us know your feedback regarding the new version.
    • Better data collection has been added in case of freezes which will help us to get the information we need. Freezes will most likely result in crashes now, and that information will be sent to us so we can work on fixing them permanently.
    • Screen space reflections are now enabled by default for “medium” and “low” graphics settings. This should help players who have trouble starting the game. You can still disable this option in the graphics settings for better performance (it affects water reflections).
    • Ammunition has undergone another round of tweaking and costs have been decreased.

    • Gameplay:
      • Added re-specialisation of Skills and Perks
      • Clues now correctly despawn after fast traveling
      • Corrected expansion and penetration stats for soft point and polymeric tip rifle ammunition
      • Fix for “Connor - Lost Words” if you find the notebook before finishing the first objective
      • Reduced cost of ammunition
    • User Interface:
      • Fixed interactions with Hunting Stands
      • Various localisation fixes
    • Stability & Performance:
      • Enabled screen space reflections (water reflections) by default on medium and low graphics settings
      • Improved data collection on deadlocks (freezes)
      • Mini map performance optimization
      • Various crash fixes
    • Audio:
      • Improved synchronization of all weapon reload animations
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Added credits

  • Release: 09.03.2017
    Größe: 1,7 GB

    • Ranks – Read more in the game design notes
    • Steam achievements
    Bug fixes:
    • Fix for wolf score spotting always showing 0
    • Fix for no weapon or HM equipped after exiting the trophy shot mode
    • Fix for the Shooting tripod rest – now you will be facing the same direction as you exit it
    In progress:
    • Looking into long map loading times experienced by some players

  • Der zweite große Patch für Call of the Wild wurde veröfentlicht und es wird weiter mit Hochdruck an den Problemen gearbeitet. All diejenigen die häufig Probleme mit Abstürzen des Spiel haben seien nochmal daran erinnert sicher zu stellen dass die aktuellsten Grafikkartentreiber installiert sind.

    • Changed default speeds for crouch and prone to be slower (use “run” keybind to move faster)
    • Crouching now correctly affects Animal AI
    • Balanced difficulty settings for photo missions
    • Balanced equipment prices in the in-game store
    • Fixed missions so they can be completed with the .270 Warden rifle
    • Fixed issue with “Big Coyote Tour” mission
    • Improved interactions of Points of Interest and Hunting Structures
    • Fixed distance requirement in Sommers mission “The Fox and the Scope” to 200 meters
    • Improved Sommer #2
    • Specified the region where to find the coyote in Vualez “The Werecoyote”
    User Interface:
    • Improved feedback for noise in HUD
    • Various fixes for overflows, cutoffs and unlocalized strings
    • Fixed storage freezing when used
    • Harvest screen lists hit starting with 1 now
    • Player placed waypoints can now be seen from any distance
    • Fix for empty Mission Log when switching reserves
    • Fixed a bug where droppings would not correctly indicate time since creation and instead always show "just now" when investigated
    • Added female breathing and damage sounds for player character
    • Added sound for Headlamp when turning it on / off
    • Improvement of UI Mix
    • Improvement of Music Mix
    • Improvement of Bear mix
    • Added Jump sounds for main character
    • Changed rabbits/squirrel navigation sounds
    • Improve animal vegetation passthrough sounds
    • Removed spawn point outside of reserve
    • Various fixes for floating props in the world
    • Fixed issue with proning and looking through the terrain
    In Progress
    Nearing completion, to be released soon:
    • Adding Exit to Main Menu
    • Crashfix when starting the game
    • Performance improvements after having scanned multiple clues
    • Fix for disappearing animal clues
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