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  • Da wir ja ein paar Counter Strike Fans in unseren Reihen haben verfügen wir ab nun auch wieder über einen Counter Stike : Source Server. Der Server verfügt über 24 Slots und ist mit 8 Bots bestückt welche 4 vs. 4 spielen. Für jeden Spieler der joint geht ein Bot runter, so ist jederzeit Spielspaß garantiert. Sniper Waffen sind limitiert, VAC ist aktiv und die Schwierigkeitsstufe der Bots ist auf "schwer" eingestellt. An der endgültigen Maprotation arbeiten wir noch, derzeit sind alle Maps im Pool. Auch wenn Counter Strike für ein gewisses Niveau an geistiger Reife bekannt ist verhaltet euch respektvoll, unsere Admins sind angewiesen Spieler die sich nicht benehmen können konsequent zu entsorgen.


  • Ab sofort verfügen wir über zwei ARK: Survival Evolved Gameserver. Die Server befinden sich derzeit im Aufbau und in der Anfangsphase haben nur unsere Mitglieder Zugang. Wenn die Grundkonfiguration abgeschlossen ist sind auch gerne Gastspieler willkommen. Wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden, erste Infos zu den Servern bekommt ihr >> Hier <<



  • List of Update 0.12.1693 Changes
    • Temporarily removed the PvE mission "Cavalry" from the mission pool due to a critical issue
    • Fixed the issues with vehicle textures (certain non-ICE vehicle model textures were influencenced by the ICE tank implementation and their textures displayed incorrectly)
    • Fixed the critical performance drops on multiple maps that appeared in Update 0.12
    • Fixed the bug where the composition modifiers of ERA were significantly increasing effective armor thickness vs. kinetic rounds
    • Fixed the issue where AI artillery in PvE was shooting even at players who were not spotted yet by the enemy
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the mini-client from launching
    • Fixed the bug where a player who left the battle prematurely was not properly penalized
    • Fixed the bug where incorrect resolutions would sometimes appear in the resolution window
    • Adjusted some of the camouflage changes introduced by Update 0.12: the excessive camouflage penalty for firing ATGM's was reduced by 50 percent for gun-launched missiles and for 75 percent for missiles launched by other means
    • Each class now has specific penalty multipliers - as a result, the penalties for tank destroyers will be smaller than for (for example) main battle tanks
    • Fixed several UI issues (Battalion window, loader name on the XM800T AFV not displaying correctly, certain Battle-Hardened status messages)
    • Fixed the bug where the 3VOF81 shell was not displayed as "best ammunition" on the Gvozdika ammunition loading screen
    • Removed the telephone number from the pipeline textures in the Quarterback PvE mission
    • Fixed the Maximum Kill database number (for Dossier Userbar purposes)
    • Fixed the bug where it is impossible to leave custom battle if the player reconnects to it after a crash
    • Fixed the bug where the Mission (PvE) button did not work after finishing the Tutorial mission (Royalty)

  • Unser Arma 3 Epoch Server wurde auf die neue Version aktualisiert. Bei ersten Tests sind uns keine FPS Drops mehr aufgefallen, bitte gebt uns Feedback zu der aktuellen Version im Forum.


    1. [Added] Epoch version of the M-900 helicopter with all texture variants.
    2. [Added] Crafting of Energy Packs from electronic components, clean water and near a fire.
    3. [Added] Experimental Sapper Migration Event.
    4. [Added] Increased precision of positions stored in database for Bases, Vehicles, and storage.
    5. [Added] More variations of soldier classes and loadouts (from drone detection).
    6. [Added] CfgBuildingLootPos can be now overridden via missionConfig.
    7. [Added] Weather code migrated into an Epoch Event and code moved to settings pbo.
    8. [Fixed] Typo in esseker.h position only had 2 elements of the needed 3 for setposATL.
    9. [Fixed] Added checks to make sure you can only P2P trade while not in a vehicle.
    10. [Fixed] Re-add missing AiA TP and Bornholm loot positions.
    11. [Fixed] Fixed "no config.bin SmokeShellWhite" error when sapper off gasses.
    12. [Fixed] Environment sounds had been disabled. Removed enableEnvironment false; from client init.
    13. [Fixed] Can't chop down tall trees. Converted to 2d Distance check.
    14. [Fixed] Shipping container doors did not open and threw error. Updated to the 1.48 way of opening doors using functions.
    15. [Fixed] Shoeboxes added to more building on Takistan and any other maps that use the same building classes.
    16. [Fixed] Vehicle storage space has been normalized. Thanks to Uro1!
    17. [Fixed] Missing function compile for helicopter Air Drop.
    18. [Changed] Lower crafting requirement of cinder block wall, from 4 cinder blocks to 2.
    19. [Changed] Removed epoch setWaves sync code as it should no longer be needed after 1.46.
    20. [Changed] Female Ghillies armor, weight, storage now match CSAT male variants.
    21. [Changed] Female Wetsuits armor, weight, storage now match CSAT male variants.
    22. [Changed] Female Camo Clothes armor, weight, storage now match "Guerilla" gear, like "U_OG_Guerilla2_2".
    23. [Changed] Increased loot position bias for all buildings from 15 to 25%.
    24. [Changed] Enabled Air Drops.
    25. [Changed] Added small chance for primary weapons to be found under green military beds.
    26. [Changed] Land_Laptop_device_F can now be used as a Bank terminal.
    27. [Updated] Config.cfg requiredBuild and hostname for A3 1.48
    28. [Updated] Added bornholm blocked areas to main config and description.ext. Thanks to DarthRogue!
    29. [Info] Server pbo is no longer obfuscated.
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