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  • Release: 05.04.2017
    Größe: 1,2 GB

    Hello Hunters,

    We’re excited to release patch 1.5 today! In this update we will be addressing a number of issues such as the animal path finding maps, animals freezing and the ‘death on login’ bug a number of players were experiencing.

    The consecutive harvest bonus now carries over in single player games and we aim for the same in multiplayer, but it will require some more work before being released.

    Our focus on improving stability continues with additional crash fixes as well as graphics optimizations that include changes to in-game graphics such as shadows and shaders.

    We are aware that some of you are really keen on having the ‘Exit to main menu’ button in-game but we’ve decided to prioritize game stability and bug fixing for now. However, since it’s been discussed in the forum, we wanted to let you know that it is indeed not forgotten, and we plan on including this into the game as soon as it is finalized.

    Also, a special thank you goes out to player ‘Valkenswaard’ who has set up and maintains the bug report thread on the Steam board. This is a valuable source of information for our developers and we check it on a daily basis.

    Finally, we have listed the changes and improvements we made in Patch 1.5 in the sections below. Let us know what you think about it in the comments for the announcement and the discussions thread in the forum - we're looking forward to your feedback.

    • Gameplay:
      • Improved animal path finding maps. This change will decrease the risk of animals freezing / not moving.
        This change will potentially remove some of your discovered need zones.
      • Fixed point of interest being too close to a rock which killed players
      • You will no longer see your own discovered need zones when joining another player’s game.
      • Fix for player death when starting the game
      • Spotted animals now count correctly in the “Spot 5 Animals” competition
      • Consecutive harvest bonus now carries over in single player games

    • User Interface:
      • Localization improvements including fixing cut offs, truncations and more
      • Waypoint is now consistently orange on the map and mini map and has the correct icon

    • Audio:
      • Callers now play in the correct distance when used by other players in multiplayer
      • Audio settings are now saved correctly

    • Stability & Performance:
      • Fixed memory leak in loading screen that could cause a crash.
      • Fixed issue with grass not showing on long distances when switching between Ultra and Low graphics settings
      • Performance Improvements:
      • Fixed issue overwriting scale of horizon and time for shaders
      • Removed unnecessary functions for shaders
      • Added culling for tree and vegetation shadows
      • Fixed mismatching cloud shadows
      • Optimized cloud particle effects
      • Optimized performance of vegetation shadows
      • Improved performance in scope view
      • Fixed volume fog when shadows are present
      • Minimized pixel jittering
      • Fixed mismatching shaders for shadows
      • Fix for flickering birds
      • Improved transmissions on trees
      • Optimized shader complexity for visual results

    • Miscellaneous:
      • Fixed structures that were placed in vegetation
      • Fixed various floating assets
      • Gamepad vibration is now saved correctly