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  • Release: 29.03.2017
    Größe: 22,8 MB

    In this patch, we’re addressing additional improvements for stability and user interface.

    The issue of “ghost” clicks, which would alter menu settings (even after closing them), has now been resolved. Thank you for reporting the issue and helping us find a solution.
    The multiplayer menu has received a small update as we have added a confirmation message before starting competitions or kicking other players from your multiplayer game. We have also fixed a number of crashes.

    Rest assured that bug fixes and content releases will keep coming. They will not be impacted by the recently announced console version as this is handled by separate teams within the company. To keep improving the stability, polish and overall experience of this version is - and will continue to be - our dedicated PC team's highest priority.

    Thank you all for your continued support and for sharing constructive feedback with us, we really appreciate it! As always, you can find the list of fixes below to get the full overview

    Happy Hunting,
    theHunter: Call of the Wild Team

    • User Interface:
      • Resolved “ghost clicks” in menus after closing them
        This will resolve random kicks, setting changes and more
      • Added confirmation dialogue for kicking players from multiplayer games
      • Added confirmation dialogue when starting a competition in multiplayer
      • Reworked layout of the Multiplayer menu

    • Stability:
      • Fix for crash when resetting skill tree if a skill was active
      • Fix for crash after confirming the harvest screen
      • Fix for crash if a player leaves when an arrow he/she shot was in the air
      • Fix for crash when shooting an animal while having an active mission
      • Additional improvements for freezes