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  • Release: 23.03.2017
    Größe: 746,5 MB

    We started to address issues with animals being stuck and frozen. This is the first iteration and we will continue to improve this part of the game.
    Additionally, a couple of issues have been addressed to make playing the game a smoother experience. Imperial and metric systems have been fixed, so now you can carry the same regardless of system. Aiming with bows will no longer cause scope glitches. You will no longer be hurt when spawning close to other players. Weapon and item sounds no longer vanish after switching items multiple times. Lastly on the gameplay side of things, shotgun score awards as well as incorrect magazine size have been fixed.

    User Interface
    The mirrored custom waypoint is no more, truncated and cut off localization texts have been improved and the tracking cone on the minimap now correctly scales based on your skill.

    We introduced the first changes to address “freezing” issues. This issue remains our highest priority, and we will continue to work on it.
    A host of different crashes have been fixed as well and we will continue to monitor stability after the patch. The multitude of different hard- and software set ups is always a challenge, but we are committed to continuously improve stability.

    Patch Details:
    • Gameplay:
      • Fixed issue for shotgun score being awarded instead of rifle score for the 30-30 Lever Action Rifle
      • Fixes to address stuck and “frozen” animals
      • Reworked fall damage and physics, eliminating death by rocks and bushes.
      • Corrected .270 Warden magazine size from 5 to 4
      • Weapon statistics tweaked to better reflect how they perform in the game
      • Sommer - Mr. Sommers Bow & Vualez #8 can now be completed with Bearclaw Lite CB-60
      • Imperial and metric systems now use the same item capacity
      • Aiming with the bow will no longer cause other scopes to have incorrect offset
      • Players will no longer be hurt or killed when spawning too close to each other
      • Holding breath with bows now correctly increases heart rate and decreases wobble
      • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck at maximum wobble when aiming

    • User Interface:
      • Fixed mirrored custom waypoint
      • Added game version in Main Menu
      • Improved and added localization
      • Improved tracking cone on minimap based on tracking skill
      • Improved clearing of player icons on map

    • Stability & Performance:
      • Crash fix related to mini map
      • Fixed crash when changing reserve
      • Crash fix related to player icons on the map
      • Fixed crashes related to mismatching clues
      • Additional crash fixes
      • Improved error handling in case of graphics device failing. Players will now receive a message which is likely due to GPU being below minimal specifications
      • Fixed disappearing clues in multiplayer
      • Performance improvements when using binoculars on low graphical settings

    • Audio:
      • Weapon and item sounds now work correctly after switching items multiple times

    • Terrain:
      • Terrain updates to remove tunnels
      • Various fixes for floating items