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  • Der zweite große Patch für Call of the Wild wurde veröfentlicht und es wird weiter mit Hochdruck an den Problemen gearbeitet. All diejenigen die häufig Probleme mit Abstürzen des Spiel haben seien nochmal daran erinnert sicher zu stellen dass die aktuellsten Grafikkartentreiber installiert sind.

    • Changed default speeds for crouch and prone to be slower (use “run” keybind to move faster)
    • Crouching now correctly affects Animal AI
    • Balanced difficulty settings for photo missions
    • Balanced equipment prices in the in-game store
    • Fixed missions so they can be completed with the .270 Warden rifle
    • Fixed issue with “Big Coyote Tour” mission
    • Improved interactions of Points of Interest and Hunting Structures
    • Fixed distance requirement in Sommers mission “The Fox and the Scope” to 200 meters
    • Improved Sommer #2
    • Specified the region where to find the coyote in Vualez “The Werecoyote”
    User Interface:
    • Improved feedback for noise in HUD
    • Various fixes for overflows, cutoffs and unlocalized strings
    • Fixed storage freezing when used
    • Harvest screen lists hit starting with 1 now
    • Player placed waypoints can now be seen from any distance
    • Fix for empty Mission Log when switching reserves
    • Fixed a bug where droppings would not correctly indicate time since creation and instead always show "just now" when investigated
    • Added female breathing and damage sounds for player character
    • Added sound for Headlamp when turning it on / off
    • Improvement of UI Mix
    • Improvement of Music Mix
    • Improvement of Bear mix
    • Added Jump sounds for main character
    • Changed rabbits/squirrel navigation sounds
    • Improve animal vegetation passthrough sounds
    • Removed spawn point outside of reserve
    • Various fixes for floating props in the world
    • Fixed issue with proning and looking through the terrain
    In Progress
    Nearing completion, to be released soon:
    • Adding Exit to Main Menu
    • Crashfix when starting the game
    • Performance improvements after having scanned multiple clues
    • Fix for disappearing animal clues