[GFT] German Fun Team - Exile PvE

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[GFT] German Fun Team - Exile PvE
  1. PvE Server - Do not attack other players!
    (AI is your enemy!)
  2. Do not damage player build bases!
  3. This is an adult game, keep off annoying language!
  4. Bugusing/glitching will result in a kick/ban - without any warning!
    (If you find a bug, report it to us and don´t use for your advantage!)
  5. Do not claim high loot buildings or area!
    (Remember flag does prevent loot spawn in a 800m radius)
  6. Do NOT build bases in citys, towns, airfields, military or industry!
  7. Do NOT build bases in the red striped infected zone!
  8. Don´t block streets, lanes or dirt tracks!
    (Admins will remove all barriers on streets/tracks!)
  9. Don´t claim more vehicles / helicopters your group really need!
    (Don´t use vehicles as storage, build crates or buy safes!)
  10. Do not steal vehicles / helicopters from player bases!
  11. Announce in side chat if you attack a mission and set a map marker!
  12. Be a comrade in a dangerous world and help other players!
  13. Don´t start discussions about admin orders/decisions! ...we pay, we play!
You don´t agree with our rules? ...no problem, search for another server!

Server Details:
  1. Spawn script with a little start gear and many spawn areas
  2. Random Missions, well guardet but with a lot of loot
  3. Roaming AI Patrols all over the map (Vehicles and Infantry)
  4. Heli Patrols (Armed and dropping parachute units)
  5. Vehicle Convoys (...may with armed Pickup and Bomberman!)
  6. Some zombies all over the map and a dangerous "Infected Zone"
  7. Custom Blackmarket trader!
    (NO Safe Zone on traders!)
  8. R3F Logistic Script! (Lift, Tow and Transport)
  9. Status Bar and Revive script (Defibrillator)
  10. Name-Tag script to identify friendly players
  11. Additional weapons and vehicles (See needed mods below!)
  12. Vehicle rearm and repair on gas stations
  13. AI island with heavy guarded ai mission
  14. InfiSTAR Anti Hack
  15. Server auto-restart every 6 hours! (...with warnings!)

Server settings and tips...

Server slots: 100
Max. territory radius: 75m
Max. territory objects: 350
Vehicles, Buildings and Safes auto locked after server restart!

Expiration time for territory: 30 Days
Expiration time for tents: 30 Days
Expiration time for vehicles: 90 Days
Expiration time none territory objects: 7 Days

  1. Revive Script
    You can revive players 5 times each lifespan with a defibrillator buyable at the traders.
  2. Rearm / Repair Script
    You can rearm / repair your vehicles on every gas station.
  3. Zombies
    There are zombies all over the map, less in wilderness, more in the marked areas (red circles) and cities.
  4. Missions
    ...will be shown up in the map. They spawn randomly between 15 and 25 minutes and stay for about 45 minutes.
    Please type in side chat if you or your group attack a mission so other players know it!
  5. Convoys
    ...will be shown up on the map (Red dots is armed vehicle, blue dots non armed vehicles and yellow dots is infantry)
  6. Vehicle and Heli patrols
    You can loot the AI but vehicles/helis will despawn if a player try to enter.
  7. Friend / Foe identification
    If you target a real player from < 500m a name tag will be shown!
    (...so be carefull if you shoot on targets > 500m!)
  8. Heli lift
    You can toggle on/off the lift hud by pressing right CTRL + B
    Start towing if hud shows green by pressing B
  9. Infected Zone
    The red striped peninsula is a infected zone with a lot of zombies. Enter this area is only recommended for well armed and experienced groups!
  10. AI Island
    On the north-west island from time to time spawn a hardcore AI mission, only recommended for well armed and experienced groups!

Needed Scripts/Mods