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  • List of Update 0.12.1693 Changes
    • Temporarily removed the PvE mission "Cavalry" from the mission pool due to a critical issue
    • Fixed the issues with vehicle textures (certain non-ICE vehicle model textures were influencenced by the ICE tank implementation and their textures displayed incorrectly)
    • Fixed the critical performance drops on multiple maps that appeared in Update 0.12
    • Fixed the bug where the composition modifiers of ERA were significantly increasing effective armor thickness vs. kinetic rounds
    • Fixed the issue where AI artillery in PvE was shooting even at players who were not spotted yet by the enemy
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the mini-client from launching
    • Fixed the bug where a player who left the battle prematurely was not properly penalized
    • Fixed the bug where incorrect resolutions would sometimes appear in the resolution window
    • Adjusted some of the camouflage changes introduced by Update 0.12: the excessive camouflage penalty for firing ATGM's was reduced by 50 percent for gun-launched missiles and for 75 percent for missiles launched by other means
    • Each class now has specific penalty multipliers - as a result, the penalties for tank destroyers will be smaller than for (for example) main battle tanks
    • Fixed several UI issues (Battalion window, loader name on the XM800T AFV not displaying correctly, certain Battle-Hardened status messages)
    • Fixed the bug where the 3VOF81 shell was not displayed as "best ammunition" on the Gvozdika ammunition loading screen
    • Removed the telephone number from the pipeline textures in the Quarterback PvE mission
    • Fixed the Maximum Kill database number (for Dossier Userbar purposes)
    • Fixed the bug where it is impossible to leave custom battle if the player reconnects to it after a crash
    • Fixed the bug where the Mission (PvE) button did not work after finishing the Tutorial mission (Royalty)

  • Unser Arma 3 Epoch Server wurde auf die neue Version aktualisiert. Bei ersten Tests sind uns keine FPS Drops mehr aufgefallen, bitte gebt uns Feedback zu der aktuellen Version im Forum.


    1. [Added] Epoch version of the M-900 helicopter with all texture variants.
    2. [Added] Crafting of Energy Packs from electronic components, clean water and near a fire.
    3. [Added] Experimental Sapper Migration Event.
    4. [Added] Increased precision of positions stored in database for Bases, Vehicles, and storage.
    5. [Added] More variations of soldier classes and loadouts (from drone detection).
    6. [Added] CfgBuildingLootPos can be now overridden via missionConfig.
    7. [Added] Weather code migrated into an Epoch Event and code moved to settings pbo.
    8. [Fixed] Typo in esseker.h position only had 2 elements of the needed 3 for setposATL.
    9. [Fixed] Added checks to make sure you can only P2P trade while not in a vehicle.
    10. [Fixed] Re-add missing AiA TP and Bornholm loot positions.
    11. [Fixed] Fixed "no config.bin SmokeShellWhite" error when sapper off gasses.
    12. [Fixed] Environment sounds had been disabled. Removed enableEnvironment false; from client init.
    13. [Fixed] Can't chop down tall trees. Converted to 2d Distance check.
    14. [Fixed] Shipping container doors did not open and threw error. Updated to the 1.48 way of opening doors using functions.
    15. [Fixed] Shoeboxes added to more building on Takistan and any other maps that use the same building classes.
    16. [Fixed] Vehicle storage space has been normalized. Thanks to Uro1!
    17. [Fixed] Missing function compile for helicopter Air Drop.
    18. [Changed] Lower crafting requirement of cinder block wall, from 4 cinder blocks to 2.
    19. [Changed] Removed epoch setWaves sync code as it should no longer be needed after 1.46.
    20. [Changed] Female Ghillies armor, weight, storage now match CSAT male variants.
    21. [Changed] Female Wetsuits armor, weight, storage now match CSAT male variants.
    22. [Changed] Female Camo Clothes armor, weight, storage now match "Guerilla" gear, like "U_OG_Guerilla2_2".
    23. [Changed] Increased loot position bias for all buildings from 15 to 25%.
    24. [Changed] Enabled Air Drops.
    25. [Changed] Added small chance for primary weapons to be found under green military beds.
    26. [Changed] Land_Laptop_device_F can now be used as a Bank terminal.
    27. [Updated] Config.cfg requiredBuild and hostname for A3 1.48
    28. [Updated] Added bornholm blocked areas to main config and description.ext. Thanks to DarthRogue!
    29. [Info] Server pbo is no longer obfuscated.
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